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A quarter million chickens and counting...

Although dated, this is a nice story so we'll leave it here. But as at July 2023, we're approaching a million!

That's how many chickens have now been vaccinated in the Ntchisi District alone since we began training community based vaccinators there.

We've been a bit distracted lately and had only belatedly updated our vaccination database. What we found frankly astonished us. We knew we were doing well but a quarter million?!!

Our data told us some other things of course. Community based vaccinators vary greatly in their impact. For instance the top of our list had vaccinated almost three times as many as his nearest rival. We also found that women were right up there in terms of total chickens vaccinated. We were not surprised - women in the villages are so into chickens.

We always knew we would have a big impact. This confirms it. But don't get me wrong - a quarter of a million is only a small fraction of what's out there. There's a long road ahead. Wish us luck!

Finally, I must acknowledge, none of this would be possible without our wonderful supporters.

Pat Boland

3 July 2018

A little story
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A quarter million chickens
and counting...

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