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Typical village life in Ntchisi

We are on the move in Ntchisi
(August 2014)

There is good news from Ntchisi. This hilly district, situated about 100 km north of Lilongwe, is one of the really beautiful parts of Malawi but equally, it is relatively poor.

On the strength of a grant of some $20,000 from the GRM Communities 1st program earlier this year, RPC chose Ntchisi as the target area for a modest project to improve village poultry production. Management and support for the project is provided by the Kyeema Foundation

We can already report good progress as a result. This month, over a 3 day period, we trained 33 people from villages throughout the district in all aspects of village poultry production, with a particular emphasis on vaccination for Newcastle disease. Almost half of the trainees were women.

The presence of so many babies and toddlers belonging to these village based women (who did not have minders available this far from their homes) made for a training environment at times interesting, at times rowdy, and at times - okay, we'll admit it - downright challenging! But no one is complaining - the entire period was a time of laughter and learning.

We'll be keeping you informed as things pan out on this project. Let's hope we can do more like this in future.

Pat Boland. 31 August 2014

Luka Tumbwe in his element! Facilitating farmer training

Practical session: Learning to vaccinate chickens

Our trainers and trainees