Ways you can assist

Your input can make a real difference. If you have any questions please contact us. Also, please read our returns and cancellation policy.


RPC gets involved with village poultry owners at the grass roots level. Most of our work is voluntary with significant support from a few dedicated individuals.

Any support you can give will assist in our work with Malawi's rural people. All donations will be issued with a receipt.


RPC supports training at several different levels. The overall objective is to improve village poultry production and through that to raise livelihoods in rural communities.

At a basic level, RPC trains and equips community based vaccinators to work in remote areas so that losses from Newcastle disease are minimised. These vaccinators are given all they need to continue operating in a self-sufficient manner for the long term. RPC prefers to train a group of at least ten or more vaccinators from villages within the one area so that they can collaborate in planning and managing their vaccination programs.

At a more advanced level, RPC supports training at technical and professional levels to advance village poultry production. Contributions can be accepted for the purposes of supporting specific educational opportunities for selected individuals. RPC identifies potential candidates for such training on the basis of their suitability and aptitude for the particular training proposed. Prospective contributors to this scheme should contact us.

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