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The I‑2 vaccine is back on the shelves!


Great news: They're back! The Government's vaccine production unit in Lilongwe is producing I‑2 Newcastle disease vaccine again.

The unit suffered a 4 month hiatus while they were searching for a supply of the dropper bottles which the vaccine comes in. We are very grateful to Inter-Aide/BASEDA for their efforts to assist in procuring the bottles on behalf of the VPU.

For our part, RPC continues to support the Government and the VPU. We are discussing options with them and all stakeholders to explore better means of ensuring that such gaps in supply are avoided in future. Wish us luck!

The I‑2 vaccine is available at the Central Veterinary Laboratory at Bwemba on the Likuni Road just past the By-pass roundabout. It costs K1,100 for a vial of 300 doses.

Pat Boland

28 January 2021

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