MVA Conference and Policy Workshop 2017
Supported by LSPCA

"Addressing Contemporary Challenges and Regulatory Needs
for the Veterinary Profession in Malawi"

Mark the date now! We are planning a conference and workshop in Lilongwe on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 November. The Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) has undertaken to underwrite the costs so this event will be at minimal if any cost to members.

Do you wish to make a presentation? Do you know of another person who does? Let us know now.

Deadlines for presenters:

As soon as possible: Please let MVA secretariat know the title and author(s) and contact details;

Monday 13 November: Submit a printable summary of the presentation to MVA secretariat;

Monday 20 November: Submit soft copy of full presentation.

The program: We are still working on the details of the program. There will be one day for a conference and another day for a workshop on some pertinent issues facing the veterinary profession. We will provide further information as it comes to hand.

Pat Boland, Secretary.

9 September 2017